> Less-than-great storytelling can feel compulsive while reading or watching but as soon as it ends our desire for it dies.

I really like this point - there are so many stories that technically keep me as the reader (or viewer, or player) fixated, but once I'm done with the story, there's no aspect of it that really lingers in my mind. It's usually stories that revolve around a mystery or a twist, rather than characters and internal conflict.

By the way, I've switched up my pen name to ML Augustin, as I kept feeling weird that the first initial wasn't the same as mine (although I also really like the letter V, so I'm still torn...). I've also, alas, stopped the hundred stories in a hundred days, although I'm still writing here and there.

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The answer "I focus on writing creeping horror, which is a subgenre of horror characterised by a slow, gradual build-up of tension and unease, hopefully leading to a terrifying climax." resonated with me! And everyone else's answers were unique and informative and interesting. Get well soon!

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