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Interview: Creating Audiobooks with the Howls From the Scene of the Crime Team

Interview: Creating Audiobooks with the Howls From the Scene of the Crime Team

Learning about audio production
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The Interview

Ever feel curious about what goes into creating an audiobook? Maybe you have considered producing one at some point, but weren’t sure what goes in to it?

This is an interview with three people who worked on the Howls From the Scene of the Crime anthology audiobook (on kickstarter now). We talk about casting, recording, giving good performances, and a lot more!

The Kickstarter!

There is a kickstarter that is funding this anthology and it’s accompanying audiobook. Also, this anthology will contain my first published story! Please consider supporting it at:

Even if you don't back the project, if you could at least come leave a comment, it would make a bigger difference than you think!

Extra information about our guests:


Solomon Forse (he/him)

…is the founder of HOWL Society. When he’s not hanging on the Discord server or handling publisher and audiobook duties, Solomon spends his time role-playing horror with tabletop RPGs like Call of Cthulhu or shredding horror on the guitar in his Lovecraftian metal band Crafteon. Otherwise, he’s busy attaining pilot ratings or pursuing his new career as an aviation accident investigator. Find out about his horror fiction works at

The “HOWL Society” can be found at

His website is at

and he has music at

Christopher O’Halloran (he/him)

…is the factory-working, Canadian, actor-turned-author of PUSHING DAISY, his upcoming debut novel from Lethe Press (2025). His shorter work has been published or forthcoming from Kaleidotrope, NoSleep Podcast, Cosmic Horror Monthly, and others. He is editor of the anthology, Howls from the Wreckage. Visit for stories, reviews, and updates on upcoming novels.

Pandora Beatrix (she/her)

…has been working professionally as a voice artist since a recent apocalypse made it difficult for immunocompromised folks to continue LARPing. Since then, she has worked commercial projects, performed for phone LARPs, video games, Actual Plays, some still-NDA’d animation pilots, ongoing featured roles in audiodrama (The Modus Files and Once Upon a Wasteland), performed plays and musicals on multiple theater stages, and narrated loads of amazing stories—including selections in the last three HOWL Society anthologies. She shares her Pennsylvania home with an extremely needy cat and talks to herself in mirrors a lot. See:

as well as:

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Barbarian Grunge
Barbarian Grunge: Crafting Experiences
Art is about crafting experiences. What experience are you trying to create? What techinques are you going to use to create this experience? Will it work?
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